⭐ What is Naker?

Naker is a free-to-use & easy 3D content editor to create storytelling digital experiences to present your product or service. It is intended for Tech, Fashion, Luxury, Real Estate companies, and any organization who has stories to tell and audiences to engage. The digital experiences created on Naker are called Interactive Digital Tales or Intales and are 8x more engaging than classic marketing videos thanks to the digital engagement secret sauce!
When is the last time you had a different experience on the web? 

This is a challenging question to answer, right? 
Internet suffers from infobesity. The real challenge for brands and organisation is to succeed to stand out and catch the attention of its audience. If webdesign used to be the main leverage, now that 82% of websites are made via a CMS like Wordpress or Wix.com, content became the key. Like videos! But videos are not immersive nor interactive.
Everything is about Storytelling

This is the first ingredient of the digital engagement secret sauce. Our brains are more engaged by stories than by cold, hard facts. When reading a story, any part of the brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we're reading about becomes activated as well. Storytelling is the best way to engage your audience by catching its attention and let you stand out.

“Consumers are now more inclined to enter into pedagogical and emotional conversations with brands and companies. Digital storytelling can captivate them with more authentic messages compared to traditional marketing.’’
Havard Business Review, 2018
Interactivity is the key

Traditionally, marketing content flows in one direction. This one-way conversation does not create any dialogue, but simply relays a message for an audience to accept or reject. Companies can use interactive marketing in many ways, but the most creative and innovative marketers see the best results.

Interactivity is probably the main differentiator intales have compared to classic marketing videos. It makes the experience more relevant to your audience interests, while building loyalty since you’re delivering what the customer wants: from passiveness to engagement!
Immerse your audience

Immersion enhances everyday experiences, making them more realistic, engaging, and satisfying. Creating in a 3D environment let you immerse your audience into your world and only your creativity is the limit. Adding a dimension compared to flat interface is a powerful way to enhance the experience and increase engagement.

Immersive marketing is a buzzing world, with the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The wow effect is immediate and the experience clearly stand out, but limited to apps on rare devices. Intales are always accessible on any device: mobiles, tablets, desktops and VR headset.

3D in browsers to re-enchant Internet users

By Frédéric Cavazza

Internet users may gradually turn into passive users who will meekly spend their evenings in front of Netflix, Youtube or Instagram. This is why it is important to be concerned about content and the ability of websites to attract and retain the attention of Internet users. And this is where 3D can be very useful, provided it is used wisely.

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