What is Naker?

Naker is a free-to-use & easy 3D content editor to create storytelling digital experiences (intales) to present your product or service. It is intended for Tech, Fashion, Luxury, Real Estate companies, and any organization who has stories to tell and audiences to engage.

Naker allows brands to stand out and catch the attention of its audience through unique and unusual content. 

Naker creates a journey based on little facts around your product/brand/service that will enhance the curiosity of your audience.

Create a 3D environment in Naker and immerse your audience into your world, where your creativity is the only limit.

Interactivity makes the experience more relevant to your audience interests, while building loyalty through user engagement!

3D in browsers to re-enchant Internet users

By Frédéric Cavazza

Internet users may gradually turn into passive users who will meekly spend their evenings in front of Netflix, Youtube or Instagram. This is why it is important to be concerned about content and the ability of websites to attract and retain the attention of Internet users. And this is where 3D can be very useful, provided it is used wisely.