ūüĒß Features

Our vision is to help our community to build awesome 3D interactive content, to make the web a more interactive and fun place! We aim to become as powerful as any 3D engine but keep it as simple and intuitive as possible. Discover what makes Naker a very special place for content creators and makers.
3D yes, but drag and drop only

Whether you are a 3D expert or a complete newbie, Naker does not need any coding skills and let you construct your experience in real-time, visually and with only drag-and-drop!
Faster than ever

Loading time is one of your bigger concern, and so do we! We developed a technology that reduce up to 80% the size of any uploaded 3D model without quality loss. The platform and the 3D engine BabylonJS are specifically optimized for the best web performance.
Always on: mobile, tablet, desktop and VR

We want to make the web cool again for everyone on any device. The content created on Naker is universal, and works seamlessly everywhere.
Publish, share and embed your content easy as a pie

Sharing is caring! Thanks to a specific saving technology, publishing and sharing your creation is only one click away. And it's as easy to integrate to any website as a YouTube video, just copy-paste!
Create as a team

Don't stay alone on your projects. You can easily collaborate with your colleagues or customers by simply inviting them to each project. Super simple to co-build and collect feedback.

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