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time spent on web pages
number of pages visited
more chance to come back
Works with every framework and CMS on the market
embeddable just by copy/pasting

Naker.back is an easy-to-use tool allowing to integrate a cool, simple and free interactive background with particle animations to your website, blog, app etc.

It's super easy to create and embed, does not affect the global performance of your website and make your visitors stay longer!

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We craze

for templates

Choose among cool templates your basis for your future 3D interactive website background. We know you like to play, so we add a Randomize button to let the fate choose for you!

We also have a range of pre-loaded particles to help you create anything you would like!

Just login and

start embed

Easy to create, easier to embed to any website, by pasting a script in the targeted HTML element. The canvas created is faster and simpler than any background video.

Plus, it's 100% free! Log in and export your cool backgrounds and make your website animated!

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