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Videos do not play anymore, you do!

We believe that bringing an interactive and immersive web content inside your website provides more added-value than a simple passive video.

Naker.story enables to create an interactive journey within your specific environment and by means of animation and explanation.

Start to involve your audience!

Creation is a


Once you placed your 3D elements in your scene, you decide where your audience will go and what they will see.

The journey is the travelling of the camera the audience will follow by scrolling into the experience!

3D models

4 everybody

Import 3D models form your favorite software in OBJ, FBX or GLTF then showcase them in an immersive and interactive digital experience without coding.

You can also get access to millions of 3D models from the best libraries directly integrated into Naker.story:
Sketchfab, Google Poly, Adobe Stock etc.

For your plot,

put hotspots

Add a layer of interaction to your journey by placing hotspots along. These are clickable point of interest to focus your audience on a feature, a product or anything on the screen. 

When clicked on, these hotspots zoom to the point of interest and reveal more content!

Only real

when shared

Once your creation done, unleash its engagement power by embedding it easily on any website or web-app. As easy as a youtube video!